Flirtin’ with Disaster: Young Evangelicals Reading About Non-belief!

Rachel Held Evans.

I haven’t posted on her blog in some time, but what I read today really grabbed me. Check it out.
So many young Evangelicals living in our Age of Information are really questioning the claims of their faith, the extent of their faith, some a little, some to the max, and some the idea of faith itself.
In this installment from this past week “You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone” Rachel and her commenters explore losing their faith to varying degrees, a few end up Unbelieving Scum or skirt around it, many if not most retain a very modified and softened Xianity at least, to the point you wonder how they can still call themselves Evangelicals. Some can make the leap to non-belief quickly (in months or a few short years). For most it takes many years of gradual erosion, slowly exposing the absurdities of the claims of their faith and jettisoning them one by one.

The history of religion itself is the elimination of nearly all gods ever believed in and the dropping of the claims of a given faith. No-one believes that Zeus was a real guy/god anymore and all the deeds and proclamations he did and made are no longer believed as truth or history, but mere myth. The history of Xianity is exemplified by the ignoring of one Bible verse after another. Even if many of these followers of Rachel’s blog retain a devout Xianity for the moment or maybe for the rest of their lives, they are accelerating the discarding of Xian claims about the world and hastening Xianity’s ultimate demise. Chipping away bit by bit, the constant erosion of religious absurdities is a beautiful thing. It frees the human race from old, bad, wrong ideas.

I couldn’t help adding my own comment to her post suggesting Jerry DeWitt’s “Hope After Faith” and Dan Barker’s “Godless” as additional books her followers might find “enlightening.”
Information Kills Religion.
It is just too cool to see those who were raised hardcore Xians wielding the analytical knife of information themselves!





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