Boy, Did I get Lucky? or Great Minds Think Alike

Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska.

Well, I did get lucky but that’s not what I’m writing about today. I just penned the previous post on perspective, inspired by one of Neil De Grasse Tyson’s talks to which I added my own two cents on “perspective” of where we stand in the universe: Neil De Grasse Tyson on Perspective.

And today over at Phil Plaitt’s incredible BAD ASTRONOMY site I find another great post all about… you guessed it: perspective!
Phil discusses the ongoing volcanic activity of one of the peaks in the Aleutian chain, Cleveland depicted at top.
Check his post out for the even better photos, killer info and the rather poetic perspective he gives us from knowing the incredible details about our planet, the world we live in, like this active volcano.

And all available at our fingertips at the speed of light thanx to our smart devices and the net!
Plait educates us on the earth and the sky as well as anyone. Take a look.
I got lucky. Perspective, again. Or great minds (Tyson and Plait) think alike. And I get to ride their coattails. I’ll take that.
Science rules, religion drools.





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