Why god isnt allowed in the lab…

Think about it, why not?
Why do even the most devout Xian scientists not pray in the laboratory or expect a miracle to occur overnite so their experiment will have worked the next morning?
What’s so special about lab doors and walls, that even hard-core believers know God can’t get in.
He made every square inch of Creation didn’t he? The Red Sea parted at his whim, bushes burn, the dead raise (or at least they used to). He used to turn water into wine, a purely chemical trick so why don’t we pray to god to make our solution precipitate, or why don’t we pray for him to make the complex pharmaceutical molecule we are trying to synthesize just appear out of thin air?
Because we know better. Every scientist, even believers have enough experience with the world to know prayer doesn’t work in the lab, miracles don’t happen. God is not allowed. They know better.

For that matter, why don’t we pray for God, any god to re-attach an amputated limb or better yet regrow one miraculously overnite? Why does our omnipotent god seem so impotent with basic science projects and medical repairs we can see.
Believers will pray for a remission of cancers hidden inside, so why not pray for him to rearrange complex molecules that we can’t see either to make our next “miracle” drug?

Why? Because we know better. We ALL know better. Even Xians know better. They don’t pray for a new finger, even a paltry finger tip. How ’bout an earlobe? Surely the master of the universe, the supreme intelligence who just had to be behind the Big Bang, creating all matter and energy, all our worlds, the land and plants and animals, surely a few measly earlobe cells would be a snore for Him.
But we know better. Yes, the most godly of Xians don’t pray for a new earlobe or a measly finger tip to grow back. They go see a plastic surgeon, even for paltry fixes such as these.
Fact is, we all know better.

Think of it. If you believe, but you are also a scientist you limit your omnipotent god’s meanderings and heavenly influence to everywhere but in your lab, anybody’s lab…ALL labs.
You know it doesn’t work that way.

Deep down, I think everybody knows its bullshit but Cultural Inertia(TM) makes us retell the story that He raised the dead and turned water into wine and maybe snuck in a few later miracles for a saint now and then, but all way back when. Not now. Never now and certainly not in the lab. Any lab.
Try to publish a miracle. Go for it.

We pay lip service to the scam that miracles occurred but we really know better. And we betray that knowledge when we don’t let god in the lab, or pray for a new earlobe.

50 x 100′ looks about right, dontcha think? Maybe there’s about 5,000 square feet in the lab pictured above or the average laboratory room. What’s so special about that space, any lab space?
Before the high rise research facility was built and the space was just clear blue sky God could look down and make the birdies sing or whip up one of his rainbows there, maybe answer that odd prayer every now and again as the Xians will tellya, but now that there are lab walls around that section of once heavenly sky, god ain’t allowed in no more.
Ludicrous aint it? But he cant, ever, never. Labs are off-limits to God, all gods, any gods.
Isn’t that interesting. Even when a scientist is so sure they are discovering, uncovering the glory of their god and his handiwork in his creation through their science, they don’t let him interfere, he’s not a factor, not a variable. He has no influence whatsoever. He’s shunted aside, ignored.

All scientists leave their religion at the laboratory door.

Even as devout a Xian as Issac Newton left Him out when doing his work, there’s no god in the equations.
God never shows up in the lab. When we really examine the world as it is, there’s no god to be found.
We all tacitly acknowledge it, even the devout. They know better.
Pretty ridiculous that as soon as we put the fence of empirical discovery around a piece of God’s creation, he’s locked out. When we engage the world as we find ourselves in it, we find no god. And even if we believe in one, we don’t let him in the lab.

No gods allowed.





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