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Aiofe McLysaght on Evolutionary Genetics.
This is the sort of science that Ken Ham and other Creationism peddlers don’t want their constituency of believers to know exists.
Besides the huge and long well established fields of paleontology, paleoanthropology, archaeology, ancient history, geology, evolutionary biology, astronomy and cosmology that utterly stand in complete opposition to and thoroughly debunking of all Creationist claims and carry on quite well despite the absurd pleadings of Ham and other Creationism proponents that these entire fields and all the scientists working in them are hopelessly wrong, we now have the rapidly expanding field of evolutionary genetics that couldn’t, wouldn’t exist if an ounce of what the Creationists claim was true.

This research uses statistical methods “bioinformatics” to analyze gene sequences of various organisms to identify genes and mutations implicated in disease and evolutionary processes through time.
This hour long talk is an excellent primer for the layperson to understand the basics of a field that’s barely 30-40 years old and which really took off in the past decade with vastly improved gene sequencing techniques such as those used to map the entire 3 billion letters of genetic code in the human genome for the first time in 2003. Since then thousands of other animals genomes have been mapped, available for disease, development and evolutionary comparisons. It is nothing short of phenomenal.
Creationism is such a ridiculous and primitive scam by comparison. It is truly a shame that such nonsense is foisted on believers who have no clue of all the science that exists that makes Creationism such a mad farce.

Evolutionary genetics provides another smoking gun to prove the reality of evolution in addition to the fossil record, geology and evolutionary biology.

In a rather thick and charming Irish brogue, McLysaght (Trinity University, Dublin) explains the basics of the methods and perspectives of this burgeoning field.
“I tink, I dont know, but I tink Watson and Crick…” For everything else there’s Mastercard.
This video is well worth a look and a listen.
The phenomenal science like this informative and interesting lecture of Dr. McLyaght’s on YouTube and similar info on the Net in general, immediately accessible to us all are the best defense against the ludicrous claims of Creationism in particular and the laughable if they weren’t so repressive rules of religions for women and gays.
Information Kills Religion.





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    • nice! despite Creationisms bluff and bluster and American politicians, especially Repub Prez candidates all sucking up to it right now to court the Conservative vote, Ken Ham’s museum is dying, the ArkPark is way underfunded and may be a bust, and the backlash of science defenders has never been stronger along with so much exponentially expanding info like the video on Evo Genetics, there’s just more and more for those fuckups to deny every day.

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