2nd Anniversary Post

We are D.O.N.E but not “done” at all. And the only thing I wanna stick a fork in is religion!
2 years, 330 posts! Over 1/4 million views! A ton of research: books, articles, videos, internet searches, wikis, you name it to prepare the text and links of all that I have written about since October 20th of 2013. I learned A LOT. Hope you benefited as well.
And I remember well when a blog was just a flaky idea, a followup to my editorials in the school newspaper. Damn.

And all to inform, spread the knowledge, educate, because
Information does Kill Religion.

And I’m finishing the last chapter of my forthcoming book “The Arrogance of Religious Thought,” editing is underway, book design and publication parameters/logistics are up next to “git er done” and printed 1st quarter 2016. Unreal. Just a another idea for someday not all that long ago, about to become reality.

I need one of these keys on my laptop. To say thanks to all the thousands of folks who have read and/or passed on my posts to others.
Yeah, I know its free but everyone’s time is valuable and I’ve tried and will continue to try to make sure y’all get your money’s worth with every post, every item of secular or scientific info worthy of note. And Ill hope you will join me in exposing the absurdities and cruelties of religious thought.

Like the last post on pubescent girls around the world having to sit out their periods in a “menstrual shed.” Found that NPR article by accident, and I just had to share and comment.
Really? Are you fucking kidding me? In the 21st century, right alongside cellphones and laptops and nuclear power this 2,000 year old retarded primitive thinking exists in conjunction with our knowledge of the microscopic world, quantum mechanics, DNA, the Big Bang, bypass surgery, 100 billion galaxies, vaccines, democracy, racial and gender rights, evolution and the internet.
How the fuck could anyone yet do that to their daughter in this day and age? Because their priest, their religion, their book told them it was a good idea. No other reason.

I hate religious thought. It is arrogant as fuck in maintaining such absurdities like “menstruating women are unclean and defile stuff” for no other reason than some ignorant fuck in a barbaric culture during a primitive episode of our early history dreamed it up millennia ago. And now whole religions-full of such repressive and beyond wrong claims are venerated as “eternal truths,” good for all time, promoted mostly by old guys in robes…even when we know better.

end religion now
All of them.
I got the fork: Information.





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