Brave Women…working to end religion now

Inna Shevchenko.
Leader of FEMEN, Inna is a 25 year-old Ukranian free rights actvist who protests and speaks against repression of women in any form: by our patriarchal society, by religions and by the sex trade. Inna and her fellow feminist activists at FEMEN are rather courageous women who are calling for nothing short of the end of religion, the strongest bastion of patriarchy and misogyny in modern culture.
You can read about Inna and FEMEN in this comprehensive article from the Atlantic “The Woman Behind Femen’s Topless Protest Movement” by Jeffrey Taylor.
Or check out Inna’s recent speech posted by another incredibly brave woman Maryam Namazie on her blog. In it Inna speaks very openly about her travails as a rights activist “I will not stop speaking out loud”. It is a very powerful, moving profession of commitment, drive, compassion and fear.
DO watch it.
When I think of the post I did a few days ago on the young girl and her cohorts in her village in Nepal banished to her “menstrual shed” my blood boils…
…and I realize how Inna and the FEMEN women are totally fucking right:
end religion now.





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