We’re baaack!

Yup, ya just can’t keep Unbelieving Scum down for too long. Like goddamn mold, just keeps growing back ya know?
Through a series of perfect storm events with hacked credit cards, job changes and cancelled emails, this site was off the air so to speak for about 2 weeks. The first time in 2 and 1/2 years and 350 posts that I didn’t write 2-3 articles per week…
My apologies.
But through the hard work and cooperation of Go Daddy’s customer service and Web hosting folks we got it all turned around and “resurrected” if you will. Done deal. Past history. Don’t look back.

Which leads me to the subject of tonite’s post, boyz and girlz…it’s time to stop looking back.
It’s time to rise above our primitive conceptions, as Hitch put it “from the infancy of our species” and look forward to the answers to our problems. The answers are not in an old book written millennia ago by people who didn’t know to wash their hands or that the earth wasn’t flat.
There are no spirits to summon, no gods to supplicate, no-one to pray nor submit to, no heaven or hell or ethereal realm to drift off to in sleep.
We have made great improvements in the lives of billions who have lived and who reside on the planet today through our own wits and ingenuity and empathy for each other.
Old ideas create division, often hatred and prevent full application of our intellects to making our short lives as human individuals free of delusion and un-neccessary strife.
You will get no answers reading these books, only fantasy, repression, fictional history, and an appallingly smug righteousness in denying both intellectual advance and compassion.

It is time we move on.
end religion now
All of them.





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