Trump’s Long List of Lies and Ugly Behaviors

The latest from the “Prevaricator in Chief“:
“The murder rate is higher than it has been in 47 years.”
A complete lie. Total bullshit coming from a consistent and premeditated liar who now occupies our White House. Trump complains of the media producing “Fake News” when he and his staff are the source of constant and complete fabrication of “alternative facts,” not the free press. Mr. Trump and his team then get infuriated when the media call them out for trying to scam the American public. This is nothing new for Trump. His very costly and ultimately losing strategy of “truthful hyperbole” has been his way of doing business for his entire career. He doesn’t give a damn about facts, truth, or what is right or correct, only what in his feeble mind appears to him to advance his agenda of bullying his way to a deal. Trump has been inflating the truth or just outright lying for over 40 years during his ultra-high end real estate development career and throughout the Presidential campaign and now his first month in office.
Here is a long list of many, but not all of his and his staff’s incredible, often outrageous bullshit stories and adolescent level bad behavior demonstrating his complete disdain for the truth:

Ted Cruz’s dad was involved in President Kennedy’s assassination
30-40 million illegal immigrants are in America
Promoting the Obama birther conspiracy theory insanity
Obama and Clinton started ISIS
The rigged election, before any votes were even cast
He had the biggest inauguration crowd
3-4 million illegal votes for Hillary so he really won the popular vote
Kelly Conway: Bowling Green massacre
The US political scene is as bad as Putin’s regular assassinations of rivals
His anti-vax sympathies
Breitbart’s Steve Bannon: The King of Fake News
The Sweden incident, based on Fox News report, Trump dreamed up a non-existent event
Worst celebrity cheater at golf. Alice Cooper wont ever play with him again and a friend rated him an 11 on a 10 point cheater scale
Making fun of a handicapped reporter
Claiming a Mexican judge couldn’t be impartial, because he was Mexican
Deporting non-Mexicans to Mexico (they’re all the same to him and Bannon)
Biggest Electoral margin
The media made up his disdain for the Intel community
Bragging of sexual assault of women
His big dick, and he doesnt have little hands
Dissing John McCain’s being captured (serving 5 years in a North Vietnamese prison, enduring incredible torture)
Dissing Captaan Kahn’s ultimate sacrifice and his Gold Star parents
“not going to have to have time to play golf”… he has already played 6x in 1st month
“Lock her up”…not gonna lock her up
Replace Obamacare with something great…”who knew healthcare was so complicated?”
“I never settle”…settled Trump U suit for $25 million (among dozens/hundreds? of other settlements over the years)
“I made a lot of money in Las Vegas” Went bankrupt 5 times and lost 100’s of million for him and his investors
More lawsuits than next 10 big real estate developers
Sucking up to Putin
Having to fire his National Security Adviser in 2 weeks for lying about Russian connection
Former campaign manager had to quit due to Russian connection
“the press is the enemy of the people”
There are no US trade surpluses
No-one is interested in his tax returns
“I didn’t support Iraq war”
He saved $1 billion on Air Force One jets: Air Force says that BS
Obama golfed and vacationed “too much.” Trump has spent more in a month on travel than Obama in a year
Trump now hates leaks, but loved the Wikileaks on Hillary during campaign

Trump is an incredible piece of shit. I’m ready to make myself an Impeach Trump shirt and bumper sticker. The guy truly is not only scum of the earth, but mentally fucked up. I can understand him continuing to employ his ugly and well-practiced strategy of trying to intimidate others by making up complete bullshit, outlandish, claims that he thinks is so effective, as a really bad habit of an old asshole who isn’t going to change. That’s bad enough, but his need for phony ego stroking is sick stuff. This is not a mentally healthy person that needs, craves, that everyone acknowledges he is the best, the biggest, the hugest, in…everything.

He had to have the largest inauguration crowd ever…and went ballistic when it was shown obviously that he didn’t. He had to have beaten Hillary by 3 million votes, not the other way around, so there had to be millions of illegal votes, just had to be.

He is infuriated every time the media catches him in another off the wall totally false proclamation.

I’m hoping all the resistance to Trump’s horseshit just keeps eliciting the mentally unstable reactions he has already shown in the past 2 weeks. He just has to think he has bested or intimidated everyone he talks to.

This time he’s not playing with millions of his own and suckered investors dollars on some high end real estate deal. Now he is fucking with the welfare and reputation of an entire country. And he has never given a shit before who gets hurt, and its obvious already he hasn’t changed one bit.

So maybe his numerous conflicts of interest, his inveterate and calculated lying strategy, or his sociopathic, delusional ego needs will do him in.

I gotta get involved somehow in getting this scumbag out.

It is pretty sad commentary when as a liberal I can honestly say a Xian Conservative dick like Mike Pence is looking good to me right now. He was not a bad governor (except his religious legislative attempt, which backfired on him) he is experienced, at least has personal integrity (if misguided by his retro religious thinking) and appears to be a sane and reasonable human being, however misguided by conservative Xiansansity.

Impeach Trump now, or remove him for mental incompetency by the 25th Amendment.





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