Saints be Praised as monkeys fly out of my butt!! An evangelical quoting the APA on gender!!!!

Rachel Held Evans

OK so I just posted a few days ago on Rachel’s recent post, but damn this new one REALLY blew me away.
“The False Gospel of Gender Binaries”.

From “False Gospel…”:
“While most people indeed have a heterosexual orientation and identify with a single gender that was assigned to them at birth, it has become increasingly clear that this is not the case for everyone, that gender and sexuality might better be understood as manifesting themselves along continuums, with male/female, masculine/feminine, heterosexual/homosexual existing at the poles but with a variety of identities, orientations, and expressions in between. Science and psychology continue to confirm this as a reality, with the American Psychological Association no longer characterizing variations in sexual orientation and gender identity as disorders, only warning that stigmatization based on them can negatively affect mental health.”

Quoting the APA?
Reporting data from the APA??
A link to the APA???…
From an Evangelical Xian????
Farfuckingout, man!
and the internet and information aren’t killing religion?????

Rachel again:
“The gospel of Jesus Christ is not so fragile as to be unpinned by the reality that variations in gender and sexuality exist, nor is it so narrow as to only be good news for people who look and live like Ward and June Cleaver.”

Unfortunately this is where I completely disagree…

Uh, Yeah it is.
All “scripture” is as fragile as any other conjecture, any other claim written by men about how the world really is, written 2,000 years ago…most likely to be overturned by more current, more better data. All scripture, all claims to revelation are regularly “unpinned” by reality. The whole of human history and Xianity itself is the jettisoning of one religious claim after another.
Reality is a bitch isn’t it? Which is exactly what’s going on here. Xian ideas from the Bible about “man” and “woman” and “homosexuality as an abomination” and the like are being completely unpinned by modern knowledge, scientific knowledge, psychological knowledge of human behavior.
It’s a beautiful thing, accelerated immensely by the ease of information access provided by the Internet!

Here we have someone who still identifies (most of the time) as an Evangelical Xian. She and the many followers of her excellent blog regularly express wishing to “live their life in Christ” “walking in the grace of the Lord” and speak in other such “evangelicalisms” like that such as… well, in her own words again…
“Jesus didn’t die on the cross to ensure that little girls wear pink and little boys wear blue. Jesus lived, taught, died, and rose again to start a new family in which Jew and gentile, slave and free, male and female are all part of one holy Body”

Yup, still Evangelical.
It is amazing to me the depth of the indoctrination into this all pervasive system of thinking that Conservative Xiansanity (TM) or Islam or Buddhism or Hinduism can truly be…
Like, wow.
Worse still, the odds are it’s all fucking myth and the guy never even existed…blows my mind.
(more on that soon).
And even if the historicists are right and Jesus was a real guy, so many scholars, even the conservative ones clinging to whatever Jesus stuff they can yet salvage, admit that so much of the gospel stories are definitely embellished myths that grew up around the guy so that much if not most of what is written about JC just isn’t true.

Regardless, bravo once again to Rachel and many more religionists like her that use their intellect to question absurd and just plain wrong, old religious claims.
Information Kills Religion.
And even Evangelicals are helping kill it!
Bend over, Wayne.





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