D.O.N.E. “Defenders of the New Enlightenment”

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WE are D.O.N.E. with Religion. But why? “Why all the fuss, what’s all this religion bashing about?” Many of my very liberal Xian friends and colleagues ask this question.

WHY? Because there are people in chains, mostly women and gays, all over the world due to religious thought; either the chains of cultural repression, restrictions on behavior, ridicule, however minimal and concealed or undeniably obvious and crushing.
OR they endure actual physical abuse, even death: All for religious ideas.

Let’s look at misogyny for now. A few examples today will suffice.

1. Islam and women. Check out the heartfelt piece at this link.

2. Christianity and women:

Women can’t be priests. Did Jesus say that somewhere? Many liberal Xian sects of course say NO and allow women to become ministers and pastors. They are restricted in most religions to being second class citizens; Judaism, Xianity, even the supposed spiritually “enlightened” and less repressive Buddhist religion has its monks exclusive to men, and in some sects, the thinking is as primitive as any found in the Old Testament as they will not let women near the temple during their “unclean” period lest they somehow defile it.
Only religion allows, upholds, and propagates this base level of ancient and crude thought. People sometimes take exception to my use of the term “arrogance” of religious thought. It is arrogance that allows religion to continue to dwell in absurd primitive ideas, usually to the denigration of some group, women in our examples here.


AND women of course are responsible for the Fall, and it is really just best for men to do without them altogether according to the rants of Saul/Paul.
Read any of the New Testament writings of Xianity in the Epistles ascribed to Paul of Tarsus (I refuse to call that son-of-a-bitch a “saint”). His shitty attitudes toward women written nearly 2,000 years ago have set women back ever since; the most influential of which are found in the Pastoral Epistles of Timothy which Biblical scholars both secular and conservative agree he didn’t even write. The fact that we even read these primitive, uninformed, and oppressive authoritarian writings is ridiculous in the modern age. They have no basis in reality and no business being yet revered in our modern world. Yet even liberal Xianity glorifies this monster whose writings, whether actually his or merely those in his name, have set women’s freedoms back 2,000 years.

Just another reason why we’re D.O.N.E. with religion: Let’s put these primitive and cruel old books on the shelf where they belong.





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