Sorry Ben, Sam Harris was right.

taslima nasreen
Taslima Nasreen
Two links from Taslima Nasreen, “No Country for Women” blog on Islam. Both heinous enough to make anyone realize that Sam Harris’s comment that Islam is a “motherlode of bad ideas” wasn’t racist or Islamophobic but a rather accurate assessment of that religion as it exists today.




Religion empowers repression to varying degrees. These two examples are obscene.
It takes but a couple of minutes (seconds, really) to source information on Islam on the Internet from a dozen different ex-Muslim websites like Taslima’s to find examples such as the above absurdities and atrocities.
Try that with any other religion and see what you find. It will be tame by comparison.

All religions preach delusional mythology and repressive behavioral proscriptions aimed at sex and mainly women and contain some measure of violence, but Islam has more ugly ideas and horrible examples like the above than any other. Try it for yourself and see what you find.
One doesn’t have to judge based on the well-publicized horrors of 9/11, or the recent Paris attack alone, there are thousands of incidents like the two above that occur daily, all over the world to this extent as with no other religion.
As much as I like Ben Affleck, he couldn’t be more wrong.

End Religion Now.





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