SETI back on track big time.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
If you haven’t heard of SETI or seen the movie CONTACT
or don’t know what the Drake equation is
well read on.
You can read about the original search for alien life, out there in the vast reaches of interstellar, intergalactic space and how it all got started HERE from the official SETI website.


You can read a hot off the press update from the always informative Space Gal,
Emily Dawn Calandrelli
Emily has written a killer article on the renewed and privately funded research to look for signs of intelligent life out across the universe in an excellent article Understanding The $100 Million Search For Intelligent Alien Life.

Emily does a great job giving a summary of the status of SETI programs currently operating and the phenomenal new grant from a billionaire investor who is funding a new state of the art research project called Breakthrough Listen!

Just good science.
Exploring the Real World, instead of some imaginary one.
Another example of the incredible things we can do when not doing religion.

end religion now





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