The Scale of the Universe II

Check out this incredible video!

Holy Smokes!
I did a blog exactly 2 years ago to the day (I just discovered by looking back through all my posts) that included another Scale of the Universe!! I knew it was in there among the just shy of 350 blogs I’ve written in the past 2 years, but I had no idea exactly when I posted it. But hows that for a coincidence? Today is 11/28/15 and the previous one is dated 11/28/13!!!!!
Fucking Cosmic, eh?
The previous one is an interactive Scale of the Universe and is linked about 1/3 way down in Science Isnt Going Away. The post is a good spin on science in general and has other cool links besides the Scale.

Unlike the video above you can scroll thru the entire scale from the tiny subatomic realms all the way out to the vastness of the observable universe. Along the way you can click on any object and read a short synopsis of the phenomenal scientific knowledge we have accumulated on just a sampling of the millions of the objects and living things that populate our universe. It might take you a few hours at least if you accessed all the info in the interactive version. And remember it represents just the tiniest smidgen of our knowledge.

What I like about the video above is it gives you another angle on the comparison of sizes of objects and their relationships, providing the precise size in meters from the tiniest we can measure to the largest.

Both Scale of the Universe presentations will give you the perspective we have earned through empirical observation that sublimely surpasses the primitive view of the cosmos and our place in it we inherit from our religions.
They really suck in comparison. Why we should uphold and adore the simplistic conceptions of barbaric nomads over what we now know is beyond me.
Let’s put these primitive ideas and their bleak and absurd conceptions like the Genesis account on the damn myth shelf where they belong with all the other unfounded speculations and origin myths.





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