ON HOLD: Science and Secularism Podcast

8 classes, house projects, a bit of travel, WRITING A CHAPTER for an edited volume to be published hopefully it the next year or so, and squeezing in minimal research and writing for my 2nd book “Tools, Concepts and Consciousness” and being an election judge: training, and soon working early voting…has all pre-empted any work on recording content for the podcast.
The whole point of the YT channel, besides promoting a secular world view based in science in a time where disinformation from the religious right and social media is rampmant, is to get a following and attract a publisher for my upcoming book and my previously self-pubbed:

So the
on the airwaves is on hold for the duration of 2020.
Waiting for my mojo for it to return. I had a real flurry of activity this spring, getting it all prepped: chronicled HERE but all energies since have been directed elsewhere.
Got a big house project scheduled for Xmas break…when that one is done, there’ll be no more for quite some time, the election will be over, research and draft writing for the commissioned chapter will be history (no doubt a bit of rewrite-edit yet to be done), and online teaching in the age of COVID is pretty smooth now as well.
SO we shall see if 2021 can see the resumption of the Science and Secularism content recording and a kickoff of the YT channel happens this coming spring.
Its allgood. BZ. Having too much fun as usual.





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