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Although this blog has taken off beyond my wildest dreams (in just under 90 days and 70 posts, we have hit close to 7,000 views!!!! THNX!!!) I haven’t asked for a lot of feedback or commentary.
A few regular readers give their opinions or provide links to new info, articles, videos, etc. now and then, but I thought today I’d take a different tack and ask all my readers to weigh in if they would like, on some of the Big Questions that I write on. So from time to time now I’ll be asking for everyone’s and anyone’s comments and I’ll pick one question that relates to the New Enlightenment movement promoting tolerance, science, and reason over religion and repression.
And to start things off there is a BBC show by that very name, “The Big Questions.” The host Nicky Campbell moves around to different cities in England and asks one big question of his panel of “experts, writers, theologians, apostates…” and has what looks like a very representative audience from the city, in very multicultural England. The show has been running for 7 years now. Imagine that.
Imagine such a show, asking such pointed questions about god, religion, and ethics in the good ole’ US of A? Hmmm.

This episode asks “Are religions unfair to women?”
So, if you get a chance to watch the episode or not, please feel free to comment, maybe even get a discussion going on “Are religions unfair to women?

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