Put the Bible on the Myth Shelf, for Good!

The new banner above says it all. It epitomizes what the New Enlightenment is all about. The Bible and the Koran equally belong on the shelf along with all the other mostly ancient cultural myth collections: Greek and Roman Mythology, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Norse Mythology and others. No one believes in Mars, Zeus, Osiris, and Isis, or Wodin and Thor anymore, no one should believe in Yahweh, Jesus, or Allah either.

One day they won’t and these book’s claims to divine authorship will be rightly relegated to the dustbin of history, and placed upon the bookshelf along with all the other mythic collections that are regarded as cultural treasures and examples of great literature… but no more.
They are not regarded as “scripture.” They are no longer considered true accounts of gods or true directives from the gods to be heeded or ignored at one’s peril. They are not considered as revelations from some god or gods on high.

They are not even “divinely inspired” works to live one’s life by.
They are myths and no more.
The Hebrew myths and the Arabic myths need to take their place along with the rest as soon as possible. That is what the Enlightenment started in questioning the morality, authenticity, veracity, and authority of these books. The New Enlightenment armed with 21st century knowledge of the abject, fanciful, and often ugly humanity of these books intends to take the endeavor to its conclusion: eliminating any “faith” in these books, eliminating any respect for these books other than as mythic histories of their respective cultures.
It is time we dropped the absurd contention of all religions: that their scriptures are “revealed.”
Religions are bankrupt from the gitgo, this claim to revelation is wholly unsupportable and contradictory between competing religions and among their varied and violent competing sects. It wasn’t that long ago that competing sects of Xians were bombing each other regularly in a remote corner of the world after centuries of bloody history, while the Muslims were just getting started in their daily sectarian explosive frenzy that shatters another confined swath of the world.
Revelation is the key, expose the absurdity of that and all religions, all religious authorities, all religionists lose their sanction, their power, their undue respect.
“Got a Revelation forya, THERE ARE NONE“™





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