A Delta COVID Update-2 US states vs other countries.

This JAXNEWS4 article says it all:
Vaccinated older female from Jacksonville Fla. gets COVID and recovers, her 2 sons both un-vaccinated 30-40 year-olds, die of it in a matter of a few weeks.
How many times do we need to read of these needless deaths before anti-vaxxers wake up? And this is not Fake News. It was reported by the local Jacksonville FL TV news station, picked up by Business Insider, and posted on my Yahoo News feed. The only Fake News comes out of Trump, his minions, and the wealth of COVID misinformation sources re-posted here on Facebook.

If it is not what your doctor is telling you about the vaccines and COVID, it is bullshit. If you read anything other than what your doctor has or would tell you, ignore it. The risk is huge, and not being vaccinated has been killing people across the US daily by the hundreds, now averaging over 1,000 deaths per day again this past week.
Google un-vaccinated deaths and you can scroll down page after page of the dozens of stories Ive read over the past weeks of vaccine deniers dying within a couple of weeks from the Delta variant. So many of them now are young, in the prime of life, 30-50 years old and realize too late what a foolish risk they took-or the bullshit they believed on Facebook and other social media.
Over 170 million Americans are now fully vaccinated with over 200 million having had at least one dose. They are not dropping like flies, the un-vaccinated are.
If you are still un-vaxxed, WTF are you waiting for?

Mississippi, Israel, and COVID:

Mississippi, on 8/22/2021 is at 3,500 new COIVD cases per day, but with 1/3 less the population (2.9 million) as Israel at 7,200 cases per day avg. with a population of 9 million. Israel’s number’s are bad enough but if they had the infection rate of MS, they would be well over 10,000 new cases per day.
COVID deaths in Mississippi are averaging 33 per day and climbing, lets hope they never hit their high of 48/day as back in mid January. Israel with 3x the population is averaging 22 deaths per day. Again if they were as bad as the “Magnolia State” they would be experiencing almost 100 deaths per day instead of 22, significantly less than Mississippi’s 33.

(All data drawn from Google Coronavirus Numbers).

Deaths in MS just 2 weeks ago (two weeks!) were averaging only 10-15 deaths per day. More than doubling in just a few weeks. Mississippi, being mostly rural with small towns all over the state and their biggest city Jackson with a population of around 150,000 has its main medical center just over-run and building 2 tent hospitals in their parking garage to handle the overflow of COVID patients.

Israel, with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world at 78% of adults, is experiencing breakthrough infections enough that they are now providing a third booster shot to the already vaccinated while still encouraging the un-vaccinated in the population to do so as soon as possible, as the un-vaccinated are far more likely to be hospitalized and die.

Mississippi is still at only 1/3 of their citizens vaccinated and less than half at only one dose. This explains them having 5x the death rate as Israel, who is not only providing booster shots already, but has reinstated mandatory masking. Mississippi’s Governor Tate Reeves an Evangelical Christian refuses to put in any statewide masking, although he hasn’t blocked local municipalities and school districts from doing so. So far according to the Mississippi State Health Officer:

“We have confirmed 7,500 plus deaths from COVID (in Mississippi) and zero from the vaccine.”

I was more than concerned at what was transpiring 6-8 weeks ago with the onset of the Delta variant here in the US, but seeing the huge increase in daily new cases and deaths in retrospect now, it is just appalling. We get so used to the daily numbers that we forget how fast they have changed and blown thru our large un-vaccinated populations throughout the US.

One of my sons who is a front-line medical worker, said to me his biggest fear, now that COVID is raging thru the 20-40 year olds, after the first waves of COVID having ravaged the 40-80 yr olds last year–prior to the vaccines and any consistent masking–the only population left to go through is kids…un-vaccinated and vulnerable. We are seeing pediatric cases growing as I write this, and the number of pediatric ICU beds available in the US is just a tiny fraction of the adult ICU beds, and they are already full in too many parts of the country.

Florida, Australia, and COVID:

Australia had an average of 637 new COVID cases per day this past week among their 25 million inhabitants with 3-4 dying of COVID each day. Australia did not purchase and disseminate vaccines early on and subsequently has a small percentage of vaccinated citizens – 52% with at least one dose, 30% fully vaxxed (very similar to Mississippi). Accordingly (totally unlike MS) they have enforced a significant lockdown and mandatory masking to reduce the spread. (The US is currently at 61% with at least one dose, 52% fully vaccinated). Yet Australia has over 8X the population as MS but 10x less deaths per day. Go figure, eh. I guess lockdowns and masks are pretty damn effective at reducing infections and deaths.

So now, let’s contrast Australia’s numbers and hard-core lockdown/masking response (and now a strong vaccination push) to our great state of Florida, having about 21 million citizens, and a whole lot of tourists numbering in the millions pretty much year round, so the number of people in the state at any given time is probably pretty comparable to the population Down Under.

Florida is averaging 23,000, yes twenty three-thousand new cases per day with over 200 dying per day, with the same mid-20 million population!!

200 dead per day vs. 3 or 4 – same population. Think about it. No lockdown, no compulsory masking, and about 1/2 of Florida’s citizens vaccinated, and with a large contingent, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the good people of Florida, who are very conservative, religious, and mostly Republicans, and just adamant about not masking, and not getting vaxxed.
The comparisons are frightening. Lockdown and masking is the norm and strictly enforced in Australia, and despite a currently lower rate of vaccinations, has 36x less infections, and 50X less deaths than Florida! An even staggeringly worse comparison than with Mississippi.

It sure looks like all 3 public health measures: lockdown, masking, and vaccines can reduce infection rates dramatically and save lots of lives.

It is insane, we’re almost nonchalantly letting 200 people die per day in just one state of comparable size to a whole country-and the staunchly Catholic Republican governor, Ron DeSantis is making a political calculation to win himself the Republican Presidential primary in 2024, by siding with his minority, conservative, religious, Trumpian base-opposing all lockdowns, dissing mask-wearing and even blocking local schoolboards in any way he can, from imposing mandatory masking. How, unbelievably pig-headed and science denying.

He has decided in effect that killing off 200 per day of his constituents will still leave enough of them to vote for him for being such a tough guy against the liberal “over-reaction” to COVID:

(“Hmm… 200 a day for a few months, that’s 100 x200, only 20,000 votes I might lose, out of about 5 million registered Republicans…no big deal”)

Except that as one reporter pointed out DeSantis won the Governorship of Florida by only 32,000 votes and over 42,000 Floridians have already died–
Gee, Ron, another 20,000 almost all non-vaccinated deaths, most of them prolly Republicans, you might be cutting it a little close there, huh, Buddy?

Guess he doesn’t look or care to see what other countries around the world may be doing:
“Fuck that, this is ‘Murica, we know better than anybody, and I know better than all the scientists and all the public health officials and my own schoolboards”

Just a month ago in mid July- Florida was at ONLY 20-30 dying per day. Ten times what Australia is pulling out all the stops on to curtail now.

Florida hasn’t seen anything as LOW as Australia’s current 3-4 deaths per day since March of 2020, in the early days of the pandemic when COVID hadn’t really reached Florida yet, exploding then only on the coastal cities of Seattle and New York in the first wave of what was to come for the rest of the country.
Florida’s numbers took off in July/August of 2020 after DeSantis gloated prematurely how much better he handled the pandemic than the liberal, Democratic coastal cities and states had–and then Florida deaths per day went to 100-150 daily during those summer months.Oops.

Cases and deaths subsided to only, ONLY 50 per day in the fall of 2020, expanding to 150-175 deaths per day in January when the whole country was on fire during what was then the worst of it.

Now with the Delta variant, Florida is leading the nation again and breaking thru their horrific enough January numbers. And the Governor, instead of pushing for every public health measure to save his constituents from needless death, like daily and fervently promoting the vaccine (which he got himself of course, to save his ass from even mild sickness or possible death), he is instead spending his energies finding creative ways to STOP school boards from reducing transmission to children by requiring masks AND promoting COVID infection treatments of varying effect-preferring to let people get sick first, suffer, maybe even die, or have long term COVID effects-instead of avoiding any of it altogether – (like he did by being vaccinated).

So Florida went from 3-4 deaths per day, in early 2020, up to 100-150 last summer, down to 50 by fall, back up to 150-175 in early 2021, down to 20-30 this spring to now over 200 deaths per day in late August as I write.

And Australia, by Florida standards is panicking with lockdowns for a mere 3-4 dead Australians per day.
I’m blown away by the level of ignorance, callousness, and defiant arrogance promoted by the depth of religious belief in so many pockets of America. And DeSantis’s words and actions display the arrogance of religious thought to a tee.

end religion now.





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