Florida and COVID- a stupid, sad tale.

Here’s the COVID cases per million for the highest 13 US states again, updated from my previous blog on Feb 21, 2021: 120 day COVID Followup on Red (and Blue) States.
This incredible data once again is drawn from Dan Goodspeed’s phenomenal COVID graphics website.

In February 2021, Florida was way down at #26 – nowhere near the top 13 in infection rate, which back then included but one Democratic led state (Rhode Island). This was before the Delta variant took hold and when the old folks in Florida were getting vaccinated at a good rate, along with the rest of the country.
Delta, raging thru the US in the next 7 months, really took hold among the un-vaccinated, and nowhere more dramatically than in Florida. Here’s how the numbers look today:

CASES PER MILLION (thousands) 9/27/2021
1. Tennessee 170
2. North Dakota 166
3. Florida 163
4. South Carolina 162
5. Arkansas 161
6. Mississippi 158
7. Alabama 157
8. South Dakota 156
9. Utah 154
10. Oklahoma 152
11. Wyoming 152
12. Kentucky 151
13. Alaska 151

Rhode Island has dropped to #15 as of this month, so the top 14 most infected states are all Republican-led ones: that is, having Republican Governors and/or Legislatures. The next ten after Rhode Island are all Republican-led as well.
Florida jumped from #26 to #3 in infections per million inhabitants. Unreal.

Back in April of 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis gloated with Trump how Florida handled the pandemic SO much better than Democratic states like California or New York, when the virus (due to international travel from Asia and Europe respectively) had just gotten started in the US and devastated the two big states on both coasts first, having barely reached Florida…yet.
Florida got its first time in the barrel soon after DeSantis’ ridiculous boasts-that summer, jumping ahead of most other states in cases and deaths, well before vaccines were available, and now has catapulted further once again with this summer’s Delta nightmare-again due to the un-vaccinated in the Sunshine State putting Florida at #3 in infections, and now #3 as shown below – in deaths.
New York and California don’t even make the top 25 states in infection rates now.

Here’s the grimmest of statistics as of 9/27/2021 from Google:.
Population (millions) and Deaths
NEW YORK——20——-55,000
NO. CAROLINA–10——-16,000

If California, with almost twice the population as Florida had the same death rate, they would have over 100,000 dead. Texas would have 91,000 dead if they were as bad as Florida. New York, that got hammered early and hard by the virus with most of its citizens dying pre-vaccines is now almost identical in total deaths from COVID to Florida, which lost most of its dead AFTER vaccines were available.
So un-neccesary. Yet this is playing out in Republican (RELIGIOUS) states all over America.

Florida is almost at the same number of deaths as New York…still wanna gloat about your supposed superior performance over New York now, Ron?
And now, Florida’s infection rate is well over New York’s: 163,000 vs 104,000 per million inhabitants. All from the un-vaccinated, Desanits’ fights over masking and his push for treatment after someone gets COVID over vaccines. Nothing wrong with making treatments like Regeneron available, but his daily emphasis should have been on vaccines and masking-prevention.

Worse still for the month of Sept 2021, New York is averaging about 30 deaths per day, while Florida is averaging 10x that, over 300 deaths per day.
So maybe in a matter of days or a week or so, Florida will pass New York in total COVID deaths and never look back.
STILL wanna gloat what a great job you have done Ron, 18 months later?

What’s truly disturbing is when you realize the above stats are not just numbers: they represent loved ones all over the nation who have died, are still dying in droves: 10, 30, 50 and near 70,000 dead in some states. How incredibly horrible. And sports figures and Republicans are STILL bitching about masks and vaccines and sucking up to the anti-vaxxers?
And every Republican Governor has been vaccinated themselves.
Governor Ron DeSantis, if he wanted to actually save any of his anti-vaxx or vaccine hesitant fellow Gator rednecks, would be rolling up his sleeve at every press conference and saying “I got the shot!” “You go get it too” instead of standing there quietly while some anti-vaxx idiot (that DeSanits gave a platform to) claims the vaccines change your DNA or some other bullshit.
It is no secret that Ron and the vast majority of COVID deniers, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, and promoters of quack cures are all religious, and Republicans.

end religion now. As in the past, its killing people.





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