Somebody FINALLY used the “R” word!!!

Glenn Kirschner- Justice Matters
One rarely finds anyone on MSNBC, and certainly not on the major networks, ever mentioning the “R”-word – RELIGION, in any sort of negative sense: as a potential cause of anything bad, or a negative influence. Religion, as a reflection of the accepted, unquestioned perspectives still paramount even in these rapidly changing modern times, is only mentioned in the best of light: as a source of wonder, solace, morality…you get the picture.

But recently in an episode of Justice Matters,“A Parade of Horribles”, Glenn Kirschner slams the Supreme Court for their obvious and un-hidden religious agenda. Kirschner calls three recent decisions by this conservative 6-Catholic judges court (all 6 were raised such, 5 are still Catholic, one has gone Episcopal) “a trio of religiously inspired Supreme Court decisions.”
Referring to the Dobbs case decision that effectively overturned abortion rights for women in this country:

“The Supreme Court revoked the Constitutional privacy rights of women”…by forcing them take carry a pregnancy to full term without their consent…“and over their objections.”

“And that obviously has deep RELIGIOUS underpinnings.”
He goes on to say they aren’t fooling anyone.
Religion bashing at its finest!

There’s more. He uses the “R” word another 1/2 dozen times or more and not in a good Christian way.
(It was there I HAD to take it). He reviews 2 other recent court case which were decided on religious and not Constitutional grounds in this episode of Justice Matters as well.

He even comments that they are acting “as if our Constitution is just a codicil to the Bible!”
Does this guy have an Atheist website I don’t know about?

For that matter, has the FFRF, or Matt Dillahunty, or Seth Andrews, or any of the prominent atheist-secular influencers/organizations taken note of Glenn Kirschner’s cogent anti-religion arguments?

Kirschner suggests that impeachment hearings to investigate the possible lies of Gorsuch, Alito, Kavanaugh, Cony-Barrett, Thomas, and Roberts uttered at their confirmation hearings are in order. The public should see the comparisons of what they said during the confirmation process about Roe v Wade, to what they wrote in their opinions on the Dobbs case. He upfront says these judges deceived us about their intentions from the start.

Kirschner ends with the admonition to Vote, Vote, Vote…and to expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices to match the number of Judicial Districts we now have, which accounts for US population growth over the years. We’ve increased the number of judges at other levels of the judicial system to match population growth-it is time for the Supreme Court to catch-up as well. There is nothing sacred about, nor specified in the Constitution, what the exact number of judges should be to sit on the Supreme Court.

I wonder if the secular community even knows about this ally of ours who is not a member of the secular community and whose online bios list his religious affiliation as Christian. If he is religious, he is a rather liberal one, and us Unbelieving Scum who are out to expose religious absurdity, obsolescence, and arrogance will take all the help we can get.

end religion now.





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